I Workshop “Microbial Collections and Biotechnology”

Tuesday 22 May MicroBio4Life organizes the workshop “Microbial Collections and Biotechnology”  (Faculty of Agricultural Science).

Prof. Esperanza Garay, head of Colección Española from Cultivos Tipos (CECT, Valencia, Spain)  and dr. Cristina Varese, head of Mycotheca Universitatis Taurinensis (MUT, Turin), will focus on the importance of the correct management of the microbial resources like tool maintain biodiversity and for the development of the bio-economy and sustainability.

On behalf of Assobiotec, dr. Bonaccorso will focus on the open challenges of bio-economy, the potentiality of biotechnology for the innovation in food industry, as well as on the role of Assobiotec as a network of biotecnological factories.

Finally, dr. Antonio Pepe, executive manager of Agro-Food District of Apulian Region (D.A.Re), will focus on the role of DAre and biotechnology for Apulian industries.

The workshop is granted by the regional project  “Principi Attivi 2010”  and supported by University of Foggia, Assobiotec, D.A.Re., GAL Meridaunia.

Programma workshop

An excerpt of the workshop at: