According to Italian law (R.d.l. n. 2033/1925) cheese is produced from milk or skim milk (from cow, sheep.goat, buffalo) with rennet and/or microorganisms and contains salt “.
Cheeses can be classified as a function of the milk or seasoning duration. A different classification relies upon fat content: fat cheeses (fat>42%); semi-light cheeses (fat from 24 to 42%) and light cheeses (fat<20%). Cheese production includes some main steps: 1. Preliminary operations 2. Coagulation of milk 3. Seasoning 4. Packaging Milk coagulation can be achieved through pH dropping with acids, starter cultures and rennet Natural starter cultures contain the microorganisms of milk and are a kind of imprinting of environment. Typical natural starter cultures includes some traditional preparations like “lattoinnesto” and “sieroinnesto”. Recently, it is possible to find selected strains prepared on a laboratory scale. .