UE Regulation 853/2004 defines meat products or meat preparations as follows: “fresh meat, whole or sliced, added with foodstuffs, spices or preservatives, without any modification in its structure”.
Meat-based products are quite different as “they are prepared from meat; however, it is not possible to find the traits of fresh meat”.
Meat-based products can be divided into different groups:
Not-fermented and cooked products
• Cooked ham
• Mortadella
• Wurstel (Frankfurter)
Fermented and seasoned sausages
• Fermented sausages (“Salami”)
Sausages produced with raw minced meat
• Fresh sausages
Seasoned products
• Cured ham
• Bacon
• “Coppa”
Lactic fermentation plays a major role in salami (fermented sausageses), where it is possible to point out a well defined ongoing for many microorganisms:
Lactic acid bacteria
Yeasts and moulds.