MicroBio4Life was founded in 2011 by two young researchers, following the grant of Apulian Region “Principi Attivi 2010- young ideas for a better future”.
The mission of this Association is the protection and valorization of food-related microbial biodiversity as an ecological and productive tool and the basis of biotechnology.
The goals of MicroBio4Life are:
– Realize a pilot study for the evaluation of the economic sustainability of a food-related microbial collection;
– Protect, preserve and valorize the microbial Apulian biodiversity;
– Favor the diffusion of t microbiology and its applications as a tool for innovation in the food industry;
– Highlight the role of wild strains as an imprinting of typical foods.
– Making available information on food-related microorganisms
– Promote and diffuse GMP for maintenance and use selected microorganisms
– Promote a strict connection between University and Agro-food Industry
– Promote technological transfer.